Future of eSports Diagon is building a stunning ecosystem for eSports enthusiasts and viewers.

About Diagon

The Future of eSports

Diagon is an imminent global decentralized eSports ecosystem powered by the Ethereum Blockchain, that will enable people from all around the globe to test their expertise and contest in 1v1 and group versus group eSports matches online and offline for different eSports tournaments. Diagon would raise the bar and push open boundaries by introducing unique features; DiaArena, DiaStream, DiaBet & DiaConnect into the ecosystem for online and offline eSports tournaments.

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MK Tournament by Diagon

Diagon's MK Tournament attracted a total of 80 players with a price pool of $10,000 worth of DGN (50,000 DGN) and $500. Players competed energetically amongst their selves in two rounds; the first round comprised of four different stages eliminating a specific number of players in each stage. While the second round comprised of the semifinals and finals. Chuks emerged the Winner, Praise the 1st runner up and Bolaji the 2nd runner up after 6 hours of rigorous competition.

Upcoming Events

Diagon Ecosystem

Diagon ecosystem will enable secure, frictionless transactions between players, developers and everyone onboard our ecosystem as we provide an enabling, blockchain-backed environment.

Diagon Arena - DiaArena


DiaArena platform will be uniquely built for eSports activities. The DiaArena platform will enable users to host online and physical tournaments.

Diagon Stream - DiaStream


DiaStream will offer a seamless experience to all our remote users from all around the world watching and streaming live eSports activities on Diagon's network.

Diagon Bet - DiaBet


A pristine Betting Platform for eSports enthusiasts to stake at eSport tournaments ongoing across the globe and be rewarded higher amounts.

Diagon Social Network - DiaConnect


A fully decentralized social network for eSports called "DiaConnect" that will enable Diagon users to connect with each other, share, follow & join interests in eSports.

Upcoming Tournaments

Stay tuned for Diagon upcoming eSports tournaments

Diagon eSports upcoming tournament

Cairo, Egypt

2nd December 2019

Diagon eSports upcoming tournament

Lagos, Nigeria

24th February 2020

Diagon eSports upcoming tournament

Johannesburg, South Africa

9th March 2020

Diagon eSports upcoming tournament

Tunis, Tunisia

9th March 2020

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